Sandrine Hudl

Teaches: Viewpoints

Sandrine Hudl is a theatre practitioner with an extend background as actress and performer both in Europe and the United States; including New York City, Cambridge/Boston, the US-Denver area, Vienna and Berlin.

Based in Austria Sandrines experiences influence her worklife as a Professor in Voice and Speech for Actors in the Performing Arts Department at the Anton-Bruckner University Linz.

Having graduated from NAROPA University (U.S.) in 2011 with a MFA in Theatre her experience includes classical and contemporary theatre, dance and improvisation, audio plays, voice work.

She has performed in stage productions in English and German language, created theatre work as a co-artist of experimental theatre groups in New York, Denver, Vienna, and directed scenic readings and audio books with her students.

Sandrine has trained and performed with a range of international theatre artists and directors including Sara and Reid Farrington, Leigh Fondakowski, Jonathan Hart Makwaia, Katsura Khan, and the Siti Company/Anne Bogart.

She studied

  • Psychophysical Acting with Stephen Wangh
  • Stanislavsky Method with the Moscow-Art-Theatre-School MXAT
  • Butoh Dance with Katsura Khan
  • The Viewpoints, Suzuki Method & Composition with Anne Bogart and the SITI Company
  • Fitzmaurice Voicework® with Catherine Fitzmaurice et all
  • Roy-Hart-Theatre Voice with Jonathan Hart Makwaia, Richard Armstrong

Performing from an early age, later on while studying her special interest in sounds, voices and text productions related to expressive acts led to receive a Diploma in Speech Art´s and Science from the Martin-Luther-University (GER).

Sandrine has a commitment to researching; constructing and disseminating theatre practice within education. Continuing studying and training abroad she is a certified Associate Teacher in Fitzmaurice Voicework® since 2008 and a teaching colleague at the mimecentrum in Berlin.

She taught acting, voice and speech in different locations; for example at Universities of the Arts in Vienna “Max-Reinhardt-Seminar”, MOZARTEUM Salzburg, Anton-Bruckner-University Linz; Hochschule for Acting/Puppetry “Ernst Busch”; Sanctuary Theatre New York.; as well as a freelance.