Michael Margotta

Michael Margotta, director, teacher, actor and writer, is life member at the Actor's Studio in New York and Los Angeles and founder and Artistic Director of the Actor's Center in Rome. He was a teacher at the Lee Strasberg Institute in New York, at the New York Film Academy  and at the Academy of Dramatic Arts. He elaborated a personal method that he describes as a fusion between Stanislavskij, Strasberg and personal researches in psycology. Actor nominated for the Emmy Award, he is today a worldwide recognized teacher.

“The aim I hope to reach with this seminar is not for the actors to have the experience of acting but of being human beings on stage. This is, in my opinion, the sense and the responsibility of our work: to remind spectators and to all of us what being a human being means or, even more, to show what is the potential human being we still have to become.” M. Margotta