"Make your pics better" with Paul Zimmer

Paul Zimmer is one of those special photographers who shoots actors, working with them from "A to Z".

Before booking a session with him you should definitely be prepared for the way he works.

And actually - it can help you in every photo session, on set or even if you are going to try making pictures yourself.

A camera is a partner, that reflects true you. This class was made to help actors get more specific and concrete tools, for their work on photo set - whether Paul or someone else would capture their inner world.



UPCOMING DATES : February 28, 2018                                                                             (16:00-18:00)

SPACE: Theater Haus Mitte, room to be announced


          CLASS PROGRAM :

  • What is a great shot ?
  • How to work with the professional photographer on set ?
  • What does your body language tells about you on pictures?
  • Which colors would work for you?
  • What are your best angles and how to find them by yourself?
  • What are the secrets of light and how does it affect my face?
  • How to bring life and dynamic into pictures?

  These and many other questions that we are always asking ourselves, seeking around  for the right answers ..

This time you can ask them.

Each participant would have an individual time to "rehearse" with Paul a professional shooting set and get real experience of change in the way of presenting yourself.

*This class is not a photo session with Paul Zimmer. It serves to teach actors how to get better results from the shooting process. As a participant, after this class you can book a private session with Paul for a special price.

Maximum 5 participants

Price - 50 EUR