4 DIFFERENT ACTING TECHNIQUES would work on one author.



This time it would be WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE.

Pick one or more teachers to approach the same author through different angles of the various acting techniques.

No matter which class you pick -you would jump in a new world - blending of text and acting method. All the participants would be matched with partners and given scenes or monologues from Shakespeare's plays, based on their personalities. 

Scenes would be sent to each participant a week before the class for preparation.



As actors we usually explore different acting techniques, and sometimes it brings us to the point, where we forget the original purpose of that.
The greatness in acting always about being truthful, no matter, which tools are we using for that.
We decided to go back to the basics of this idea- telling the truthful story- and came up with the «Scene work» class concept.
What if we take the same author and the same scenes from his plays and work on this specific material in classes with different acting techniques.
What we are curios about is that how the same text would work, if you start to develop it using absolutely different tools.
At the same time – we know already the answer.
Because at the end of the day - it's all about telling the truthful, authentic story- no matter what approach are you choosing in order to explore the text or the character.
What we are curious about – is to watch how –no matter how different all the techniques are- it would all come to one simple formula – how to be YOU on set or on stage and how to connect with the story you telling to the audience.

Viewpoints advanced class with Sandrine Hudl would be based on working with the rhythm and music of  Shakespeare's text.

Upcoming dates - February 21-25, 2018 

Lucid Body basic 1 and basic 2 class with Monika Gossmann class as a deep process to dig inside Shakespeare's character -building them multilayered and complex - exactly as they were written.

Upcoming dates -March 3-6,                                                       May 10-13, 2018

Meisner advanced. Working with Mike Bernardin on Shakespeare - means connecting the "acting's bible" technique with  most profound texts of all times.  

Upcoming dates - April 12-14, 2018

Deep script analyses of  Shakespeare's plays with Michael Margotta. Intense work with images, relaxation exercises, body and sense memories, going through "33 Steps"- all that, to catch even a bit of William's spirit. 

Upcoming dates -to be announced