Watch the trailer of Piotr’s movie “Jonathan”(2016)

PIOTR J. LEWANDOWSKI was born in 1975 in Warsaw/Poland. After studying Graphic Design and Economics in Warsaw and London, he studied Visual Communication at the University of Art and Design in Offenbach, and Directing at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. A selection of his films includes: PROJECT 01 & 02 (short, 2001), LITTLE COMPUTER PEOPLE (short, 2001), HEAVY PREGNANT (short, 2003), PAPA (short, 2005), DIE AUFSCHNEIDER (2007), JANEK (short, 2008), FLIEGEN (short, 2009), GÖTTER WIE WIR (TV, 2012), ZWISCHEN ERDE UND LICHT (doc, 2016), and JONATHAN (2016). He is currently working on the feature KÖNIG DER  FLIEGEN (WT).

                 “WORKING ON SET” with PIOTR J. LEWANDOWSKI 
Upcoming dates: February 11, 2018

Hours: (15:30-20:00)

Space :Village, Kurfüstenstrasse 31/32, 10785

With this event we open our season of 2018.

Inspired by an idea to create more “busines’ classes for actors, we offer a format that actually includes both :acting and business. Our guest is director Piotr J. Lewandowski, his film, his screenplay, his method of work and his vision.

The event would consist of two parts.

Part 1 :

-Introduction, Piotr’s story.

-Screening of Piotr’s short film “Fliegen”


-Short break

Part 2 :

-Working with actors on scenes from Piotr’s fresh written script

You can pick whichever type of participation that you prefer : auditors just for screening, auditors for screening and watching scenes or actors.

Depending on your choice, you would be able to watch, talk with Piotr or even act in his new screenplay, that he just finished writing. This screenplay Piotr is planning to shoot in 2019. For him and for us – it’s a beautiful opportunity – to explore fresh-written text and to experience a very special method of work with one of the very special modern directors.

Press the button below to save your spot – spots are limited.

Auditors-1 (screening)   – 3 EUR

Auditors-2 (screening&scenes)  – 15 EUR

Actors     – 79 EUR