Casting director Fritz Fleischhacker (worked with Steven Spielberg) and head of Talent Agency Caprice Crawford have a Q&A session and give you notes for the auditions.

What would happen if your would be able to be on a live conversation between the successful Talent Agent and one of the most experienced international casting directors of our time?

Would you like to ask them questions which for years were without reply for you?.

-how to get an agent?

-how does the international casting system work?

-can I contact casting directors myself?

-is there a platform where I can be presented and seen by international acting agencies?

-how to be casted for a foreign movie/tv series?

-how to make a great e-casting and what is the mindset of  producers/directors?

These questions were always in your head. And much much more.

Come to ask them directly and hear the reply that can change your career.

This class is from our  “business-for-actors” branch.

Caprice Crawford – head of the Talent Agency based in Berlin and Fritz Fleischhacker -international casting director, would have an open interview,  where Caprice would ask Fritz about the his work experience, life journey, most common problems in the process of international casting and share with him her vision of what stops actors on their way to their dreams.

Programm of the class :

  • Short introduction
  • Q&A session -Caprice interviews Fritz
  • Short break
  • “Live casting” exercise*
  • Audience’s questions

* “Live casting” exercise is an opportunity to perform a monologue or a scene in front of Fritz and Caprice and get a feedback from them. Scenes would be sent 3 days before to your email.

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Fritz Fleischhacker is an international casting director based in Austria.    For more than 35 years of professional work, mr. Fleischhacker has around 56 credits as a casting directors in german film ad tv market as well as worldwide.   He created cast ensemble for:

Commissar Rex (1994-1992),

Seven Years in Tibet (1997),

Saving Private Ryan (1998),

Ninth Gate (1999),

Avalon (1999),

Klimt (2006),

but is mostly known for his works with Steven Spielberg’s on Schindler’s List (1993),  Munich (2005) and Bridge of Spies (2015).

Won an OFTA Film Award for Best Casting for the movie Munich (2005).

Subscribe for the Audience (20 spots available)                                                  or for an Actor (only 5 spots)


Caprice Crawford is an American Talent Agent, producer and actress based in Berlin. She has been acting and singing in front of the camera since the age of 16. In 1990, she moved to New York City to attend the William Esper Studio, the world’s foremost studio dedicated to Meisner based actor training. By 1992, Caprice had already started landing professional acting roles and has since starred alongside Jamie Foxx, Don Johnson, Orlando Bloom, Burt Reynolds, Keenan Ivory Wayans, Eddie Griffin and Regan Burns, in both TV shows and feature films. While working as an actress in Los Angeles, her interests began to shift. After spending such a big part of her life in front of the camera, she became captivated by what was going on behind the camera. She began working as a photographer, creating beautiful head shots for creative talents, including many celebrity actors. In addition to her photography work, she began working as a film producer and talent scout for new faces. Caprice Crawford has been running the Crawford Talents International Actors Management Agency since 2016.