Intro & Advanced

With Mike Bernardin                                                                               


MEISNER ADVANCED (scene work on Shakespeare)                                                     

Dates to be announced

Ten years after introducing this work to German actors, the Meisner Technique has proven itself to be the single most influential addition to contemporary acting-training of the 21st Century. Not only actors but directors, writers and even producers are now alive to the value of Meisner's ideas.

How would your acting change if you were less conscious of yourself, less anxious to do "the right thing", less concerned to put on a good performance? It might start to feel more truthful, more spontaneous, more connected to something real. Your acting could feel more organic, authentic and in the moment.

Putting your attention outside your self-concern allows you to get involved in the most important aspect of your work: THIS moment with your acting partners; this moment of your scene and of your character's circumstances.

Sanford Meisner, following the teachings of Stanislavsky, developed a unique way of training actors, starting from a simple but elegant trio of exercises. Repetition, The Independent Activity and the Knock-at-the-door.

This time we are offering you a three days introduction class, which you can complete with a two days scene work class.

Whether you have no idea at all, or some previous experience already of the Meisner Technique, these «Intro» and «Advanced» classes are designed to give you the clearest possible introduction and a good practical scene work experience.