Impro and dance technique with Carmen Volpe

In „Impro and dance technique“ you’ll experience the full power of dance and your body. The lessons in general will always begin with a special warm-up designed to assess everyone’s individual body level and physical potential. The second part will introduce the participants to different techniques and guide them in choosing the one fitting their personal level. The third part lets everyone develop the techniques and fuse them with improvisation in accordance with their personal style.


Carmen Volpe - passionate dancer based in Berlin.


 Class: 2 h weekly class                          (non-professionals) :


In the weekly classes the general work is augmented by homework assignments.

This means that from week to week the participants will get some special task to develop by themselves at home and present their progress the following week to make significant steps in the process.


Upcoming dates - March 14, 28

Price: 15 EUR pro person

 Class: 2 day class                            (weekends, non-professionals):


In the weekend courses the general process takes on a dynamic workshop character. We will go in the detail of contemporary and modern technique and focus to develope all possibilities that each body has to expand. Also we will learn how to move in the space. To have material that performers and everyone can use in their daily life.

Upcoming dates - to be announced

Price: 50 EUR pro person

Class: Personal training              (individuals, pairs):


The personal training guarantees a maximum of attention for individual students. The process will be adjusted to the student’s exact personal level and they will receive direct feedback on their development. It is also possible to shape one’s personal style of expression for upcoming projects. The participants will have a personal coach and a source of knowledge in all terms of dance.


Write us to request the dates.

Price: 50 EUR for 1,5 hour session                 (price is pro person)