POINT team is something that is constantly being build.

Here are people who laid the first stones of POINT company and those, who are currently working with us.

Victoria Chilap
Actress, founder and visionary of POINT

Daria Belova
Director, co-creator of the PointHouse concept.

Ingrid Hübscher

 Planning of Point's program and creating products 

Writer, director and producer of six short films. Currently working on her first feature screenplay, first theatre play, first documentary and first children’s book.


Monika Malinauskaite
 Creator of Point's visual content

 Video producer, director and writer.
A passionate visual story teller.
Christian Kühl
Point's Videographer
Christian was born in Berlin and is a passionate videographer and graphic artist. Also works in big advertising agencies in the field of marketing communication.

Liza Semenova

Journalist, Actress.
Was born in Siberia. 
Worked in Russia, Germany, Kenya, England
Spent last years in Berlin with her daughter
"I strongly believe in Point. This is the work which makes sense to me and to others. Happy to be here".
Marei Annis
One of the biggest inspirations for POINT ever.
As simply as that.

Rodion Tuluc
Graphic designer and creator of POINT's logo.