The idea of POINTHOUSE was born in June 2016, in the coffeshop at Adalberstrasse. For almost 9 hours Dasha Belova and I were talking that day about how great would it be – to create a spot in Berlin, where all the 3 layers of education for artists would be possible to get.

1 st floor –a cofeeshop and a bookstore – a place with a special atmosphere, free events, great coffee and books about cinema in different languages. 
2nd floor –space for workshops and classes – for actors , cinematographers and directors.
3 rd floor – space for us and other filmmakerswho want to start do their practical work with camera, light and actors. Space, where we can do experiments and check ideas for new film before real shooting. A laboratory, where the first steps of the movie would actually being made.

All this becomes real , gradually. We are working on creating such a spot, it's one of Point most important goals for the 2018-2019.

It would take time, before results would be evident, and we appreciate everyone who already supports us on taking this journey.​

The journey you take is always about people you meet. I am very grateful, that on this journey I've met Dasha. She is a special artist and a very deep person. And I wish that the road that we take, making this project happen, would bring us to many great people and many new doors.

Thank you all, and to be continued…