POINT is constanly growing educational system.
It has two branches –


My idea is –to create a system of education, where artist find his authentic point, and then learn how to offer his product to the market.
This part of the website would be constanly updating, because I will always be searching for the better way to explain this concept.
Take a look at the short video below- this is a very brief explanation of what POINT is about.

The more we would grow –the more of my vision of POINT would be uncovered.
I have a vision of what exactly POINT would become in 1 year , 3 years, 5 , 7 and 10 years.
Since I am always learning – I apply it into my work, and this plan, of course, would be updating very very often.
Better to put it that way – all of those students, who will learn at POINT would help it grow and bring changes to my vision of the company.
The best thing about POINT is that I am doing it for myself – these are my fields of Life that I want to be so good at – ART and BUSINESS.
So POINT is a very personal thing for me.
My questions, my victories and my experience that I will have in my Life –all this would I bring to POINT.
So far we have different teachers and classes.
The ART branche is now more developped, since it was the first thing we've started from.
The BUSINESS branche was just born in 2017, and I will bring more and more teachers of this area to POINT.
Someday soon, in a few years or even before that – these two branches-ART and BUSINESS will meet and our students would be able to build their own educational program, as they do it in universities and certain schools.
There are many things about to happen.
What is planned in my head would all grow in front of our eyes, and I want to thank everyone, because it's only with the real people that any idea becomes alive.